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For survivors of trauma, mindfulness can be a free tool to help reduce stress and improve mental wellbeing. Mindfulness is a technique which brings your mind back to the ‘here and now’ and allows you to focus on the present moment. Learning and practicing Mindfulness can help reduce stress and improve your concentration and memory function. Regular Mindfulness practice will also improve overall health and wellbeing. Mindfulness encompasses awareness and acceptance, which can help people understand and cope with uncomfortable emotions, allowing them to gain control and relief. To cultivate these skills, concentrate on breathing to lengthen and deepen your breaths.


Anxiety can increase during these stressful times, especially with children. Even though the benefits of mindfulness can sometimes be overstated, there is likely to be a good reason it’s been around for so long, Dr Koncz said. It’s the type of evidence which revealed, for example, that mindfulness training can dampen the activity of the amygdala. Join over 100,000 other like minded people who are becoming mentally stronger. Enjoying a weekly high quality mental strength teaching delivered directly to your inbox.

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Learn about the symptoms of different mental health conditions and what you can do to tackle them. Preventative action is a vital part of looking after your mental health. Here’s some tips on establishing a ‘mental fitness’ routine. In simple terms, it means ‘being present’ and giving your full attention to the moment we’re in, aware of where we are and what we’re doing. If you want to schedule time for mindfulness, you might like to try one of these exercises.


There are a few different theories on how mindfulness works. The goal of the blog is to provide you with useful health and wellbeing news and articles, to make your time here at Flinders happier and healthier. Mindfulness is focusing your complete attention on what’s happening right now. It’s also letting your thoughts and worries come and go without judgment.

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The course will include access to online content from leading scientists and clinicians explaining how mindfulness works and how you can reduce stress and reactivity through the practice. Check whether your cancer centre runs mindfulness programs. There are also online programs and smartphone apps you can download.


Thus, it is recommended to seek the professional help of someone who is both qualified and professionally accountable, such as a Clinical Psychologist. The use of mindfulness in helping you deal with your difficulty should alwayshave a clear rationale and should be tailored to your specific situation by someone with whom you feel respected and safe. Ideally, you would prepare a quiet, safe space where you have eliminated all unnecessary distractions (e.g. devices completely ‘silent’ !). Sitting on a chair that allows you to sit upright with both feet on the ground would be a good recommendation, because this will support your intention to remain alert (mindfulness is an active process, remember?).

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Put simply, mindfulness is our ability to be calm and present. When you are being mindful, you are purely paying attention to what’s happening in that given moment. Regular mindfulness practice helps disarm the usual emotional avoidance strategies we use when we don’t want to feel a certain way (e.g. using alcohol, or avoidance). It is suggested that people who practice mindfulness find they are less reactive to stressful situations, because they have practised being in contact with strong emotions. It is exactly this type of brain exercise that helps to bring awareness to what is happening for you in your life, right now. This awareness helps you to make valued choices that matter to you as you go about the business of living your life, thereby improving your overall quality of life experience.

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You can then deliberately choose how you want to respond – instead of reacting and making things worse. Acceptance requires being aware of all of our experience; to accept things exactly as they are – without judgement. Mindful attention can give us a way of openly relating to experience instead of closing down and resisting it. This involves a radical acceptance of whatever is here, and anyways, even if you do not want it – it already is here.

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You will also learn and practice how to apply mindfulness to everyday activities like walking, eating or driving. Another common claim is that mindfulness reduces stress, for which there is limited evidence. Other promises, such as improved mood and attention, better eating habits, improved sleep, and better weight control are not fully supported by the science either. Regular practice of mindfulness can lead to more self-awareness and less ‘reactivity’.

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Thoughts and feelings will come and go while you’re being mindful. Keep your awareness on your senses, anchoring you in the present moment while everything else drifts harmlessly by. To start having mindful moments, identify an everyday activity where your thoughts tend to wander into painful memories, ruminating on problems or worrying about the future. It could be brushing your teeth, eating lunch, walking, taking the train — any part of your day.


These activities are great to use at home, but did you know that professionals also use mindfulness-based therapies? Behaviour support therapists and psychologists may teach mindfulness to children to help foster positive behaviour and manage mental health concerns. Daily practice, even for a few minutes a day, will support you in creating a deep and lasting sense of peace. Try starting mindfulness practice 10 minutes everyday, and slowly increase. You can practice informally (being aware of sounds and sights as you’re walking around for instance), or formally . The line between mindfulness and mindfulness meditation is somewhat blurry; I like to keep it simple.

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I now meditate daily, but keep it simple with the breathing space meditation so that I can maintain a consistent healthy habit. I often combine the other meditations with this one to enhance the effects. What I love about this book is the understanding I found for what I was thinking and feeling, that is often hard to find amongst those closest to you. I’ve gifted this book several times now as I feel it enables those wanting to help themselves to create a long lasting healthy habit and to change their minds without drugs or seeking professional help.


Headstrong is a cutting edge program designed to shift you out of stress and struggle and into mental strength. ‘Mindfulness’ simply means paying attention to the present moment. Practising 스포츠마사지 can help you to cope with everyday life and deal with tough times. This is confirmed by extensive research, which has found that mindfulness reduces stress and anxiety.


Learn formal mindfulness meditation practises, such as mindful breathing, body scans, 3 minute breathing space meditation and mindfulness of sight and sound practises to anchor you to your present moment. The Lifehouse mindfulness course is now delivered by an instructor online over 7 weekly sessions via Zoom. The classes are practically oriented and focus on learning and understanding the different elements of mindfulness practice. You can use a phone or computer to access these weekly sessions. If you are unsure how to do this, your instructor will help you set up access.

If we want to achieve mindfulness, or if we set a goal to be mindful, meditation can be the way you get there. Positive Psychology likes to describe meditation as a tool to develop mindfulness. Mindfulness Colouring In Sheet – Landscape A lovely mindfulness colouring-in sheet. Mindfulness Colouring Tree A tree mindful colouring in sheet to focus attention on National Tree Day. Explore the feeling of remoteness in one of the more beautiful river valleys in the Otway Ranges.

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Rewire your mind to thrive and enjoy improved relationships, better sleep and performance as a result. Stay calm, kind and effective under pressure, grow a solid sense of inner strength and learn to use the tools and resources to feel confident to handle anything that life throws at you. Add the Breathe watch face to get quick access to mindfulness sessions. While you might not have harvested and dried the tea leaves yourself, you can appreciate that someone, somewhere, has done this. Then there’s the action of putting the tea bag or leaves into a cup or teapot, adding the boiling water and letting it brew. Once you’ve gone through all the steps of making it, hold the cup in your hands and feel the warmth.

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Tang, Y., Hölzel, B., Posner, M. The neuroscience of mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness is a proven technique to support your mental health and wellbeing. Much default mental activity involves things such as worry or rumination about the past and future, which is one of the main reasons there’s so much default mental activity in states like anxiety and depression. To better understand what it means to be mindful, it helps to understand what it means to be ‘unmindful’. When we’re inattentive, distracted and disengaged from the present moment, the mind habitually and unconsciously slips into what’s called ‘default mode’ – we’re physically doing one thing but the mind is somewhere else.

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Mindfulness can help in the journey of healing from the trauma of the past by engaging us in what is happening right now. If you are new to mindfulness but wanting to get started, this blog is for you. Check out more helpful ways you can level-up your online learning with this student handbook. The areas of your brain responsible for learning will function more efficiently. This means you take in more information and remember it. You can recall it more quickly and make more connections between different ideas.

This is a good thing if you want to do your best in your schoolwork. This can be quite hard, so start small with a minute of mindfulness and work your way up to longer and longer. In mindfulness, you try to clear your mind of thoughts and just breathe.


“So if you’ve got a part of your brain that’s saying ‘eat the doughnut’ and another part of your brain that’s saying ‘no, do your homework’, the anterior cingulate cortex is the part that decides which to focus on.” Lin, J., Chadi, N., Shrier, L. Mindfulness-based interventions for adolescent health. Mental strength is the key to reaching your greatest potential in life.

He credits his recovery, in large part, to the meditations he has practiced since his accident. Most of our psychologist are interested in mindfulness and have integrated mindfulness techniques in their therapy approaches. You may notice tension and pain earlier and can then take appropriate action. Rather than just looking at the negative consequences of the stressor, mindfulness offers you the space to think differently about the situation itself. You’ve already done the hard yards, so we’ve made your application simple.

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Mindfulness creates an ‘anchor’ to the present that can stop your mind from getting stressed and overwhelmed. Mindfulness is a tool to bring our attention and focus to the present. It helps us to be conscious of where we are and what we are doing.

The more you practise, the better you can get and the easier it will be. You can practise little periods of mindfulness throughout your day. We recognise and pay respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, their ancestors, the Elders past, present and future from the different First Nations across this country. We acknowledge the importance of connection to land, culture, spirituality, ancestry, family and community for the wellbeing of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families.

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Throughout the day we often need a brief moment to stop and reset. Mindfulness encourages us to use our breath to anchor us in the here and now… anywhere, anytime. This technique can bring a little calm and clarity into your day. Information about working in or operating early childhood education services including outside school hours care.

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My life is very different since I started practicing and this book is a very important part of that. It’s written in a very accessible way and acknowledges all the challenges you’re going to meet as you attempt to introduce more mindfulness to your life. I got the audio version and have enjoyed the guided meditations. The eight week program is a good way to ease into the practice.